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Companies starting with D

Darrell + Paul DLC Lighthouse Mortgage Advisors

We've Got A Mortgage For THAT!

Get the Right Advice — and the Right Mortgage! When it comes to choosing a mortgage, there are many options out there—and it can be challenging for clients to decide what’s right for them. That’s where, as DLC Lighthouse Mortgage Advisors, each with over 18 years of Real Estate Lending experience, we can help. Offering personalized and expert advice.

Dependable Construction

Designer Choice Carpets

778 425-2259

DFH Real Estate Ltd.

Be sold on expertise.


Fiona Phythian - Sooke's Local Representative

Dr. Chris Bryant

2013 Sooke Business Excellence Award Recipient ~ Professional Services

Dr. Jeffrey Pocock Inc.

Family G.P.

Dr. Louise H. Morin Optometric Corp.

Trust a professional with your eye care needs…Your eyes deserve an optometrist!

Our optometry practice has been in the Sooke community for over 30 years. We provide you with a professional and attentive service, worthy of what you’d expect from an independent optometry clinic.

Dumont Tires Ltd./Sooke Tirecraft

Sooke Tirecraft has been in business since 1991. They began with installing tires, and then branched out into full-mechanical services. Now they specialize in 4WD vehicles.