Introducing Townfolio: an innovative, comprehensive, and highly practical database for regional economic and demographic information!

Thinking about opening a business or pursuing development opportunities in the Sooke Region? Find everything you need from housing price data, population trends, education, income and crime statistics, and much more here on Sooke's very own Townfolio.

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Companies starting with F

Focus Driving School | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Helping you "Focus" on the road ahead.

Our philosophy is that every student is provided professional and affordable training that exceeds industry standards and student expectations.

Frock Off Inc. | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

From best kept secret to success in life, love and business.

Our why - Your success! Moving you from the best kept secret to success in life, love, and business - is our mission. Are you ready to go from being the best kept secret in spite of all you do - let's talk?