Introducing Townfolio: an innovative, comprehensive, and highly practical database for regional economic and demographic information!

Thinking about opening a business or pursuing development opportunities in the Sooke Region? Find everything you need from housing price data, population trends, education, income and crime statistics, and much more here on Sooke's very own Townfolio.

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Companies starting with I

Integrated Property Development Solutions | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Acres of Diamonds could be hidden in your own back yard

People everywhere are sitting on undiscovered wealth buried in their very own backyards and at ipds our goal is to help you to 'dig it up' so that you can benefit from all the potential wealth that your investment has to offer. First and foremost your house is your home but sometimes it can also be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Come explore with us and see if the services we have to offer might cause you to go digging in your own back yard.

Investors Group Financial Services, Brett Alexandra MacLean | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Financial Planning, Wealth Succession, Tax Strategies, Life/Disability/Group Insurance

"I work with families, individuals, professionals and business owners to generate, grow and guard their hard-earned wealth against the pitfalls of taxation, bad spending habits and other financial blind spots. Many people think they know enough to manage their finances and businesses successfully on their own, but as in life, you don’t know what you don’t know. I help fill in those blanks, add value and create dynamic and personalized financial plans to help clients reach their goals." ~ Brett Alexandra MacLean

Island Office Equipment | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri

Island Vacation Homes Ltd. | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Bringing Families Together.

We rent houses, cottages, cabins and suites for vacations on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. Come to Canada's Pacific for your next family holiday or romantic getaway.