Introducing Townfolio: an innovative, comprehensive, and highly practical database for regional economic and demographic information!

Thinking about opening a business or pursuing development opportunities in the Sooke Region? Find everything you need from housing price data, population trends, education, income and crime statistics, and much more here on Sooke's very own Townfolio.

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Business Services

Coastal Roots Event Planning | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

We don't remember Days, we remember Moments.

Frock Off Inc. | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

From best kept secret to success in life, love and business.

Our why - Your success! Moving you from the best kept secret to success in life, love, and business - is our mission. Are you ready to go from being the best kept secret in spite of all you do - let's talk?

HUB International Barton Insurance Brokers | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Community - It's who we are!

ICBC - Private Auto - Motorcycles - Recreational Vehicles - Travel Medical - Homeowners - Tenants - Condominiums - Strata Duplexes - Mobile Homes - Watercraft - Commercial Liability & Property - Course of Construction

Island Office Equipment | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri

Sooke Media & Marketing | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Specializing in all forms of print marketing, graphic & web design and social media services.

Sookerator | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Sooke's Startup Accelerator

We help new entrepreneurs and teams build businesses and organizations from a base of zero.  Our accelerator leads entrepreneurs and teams through a process that provides educational content, story telling, pitch development and presentation improvement for the further acquisition of resources so the organizations can grow.  We serve new organizations in the sectors of food, arts and technology.


TELUS Pure Fibre has arrived.

Blazing fast Internet is arriving in communities across BC and Alberta and your neighbourhood could be next. With lightning-fast 150 Mbps upload and 150 Mbps download speeds, it's nothing short of exceptional.

Trim Your Taxes Business Services | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

"While I manage your books, you manage your business."

Cheryl Nitchie, CPB-Certified Professional Bookkeeper, IPBC