Introducing Townfolio: an innovative, comprehensive, and highly practical database for regional economic and demographic information!

Thinking about opening a business or pursuing development opportunities in the Sooke Region? Find everything you need from housing price data, population trends, education, income and crime statistics, and much more here on Sooke's very own Townfolio.

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Carolyn's Boutique | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

“A girl should be two things...classy and fabulous”, Coco Chanel

Carolyn's Boutique offers a fabulous shopping experience with lines to inspire you, interesting jewellery from local artists, great gift ideas and more!

Meanwhile in Sooke | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Exploring the beautiful community of Sooke BC

Sooke seen through the eyes of it's community. Exploring the beautiful community of Sooke, BC.

Sooke Laundry | *CHAMBER MEMBER*