Introducing Townfolio: an innovative, comprehensive, and highly practical database for regional economic and demographic information!

Thinking about opening a business or pursuing development opportunities in the Sooke Region? Find everything you need from housing price data, population trends, education, income and crime statistics, and much more here on Sooke's very own Townfolio.

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Delivery Services

Jenny's Country Pantry and Tea Shoppe | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Just give us a call at 250-642-2425 or drop in. We are located on the corner of Sooke Road and Church Road opposite the Mariner’s Village.

Sooke Delivery Guy | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Fast Efficient Budget Friendly

Sooke Harbour Transport | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Quick, Safe & Most of all Friendly!

Sooke Water Inc.™ | *CHAMBER MEMBER*

Potable Water Delivery | *Sole Proprietor: Owner/Operator*