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The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce would like to hear from you.

We value your feedback. Please share your comments and concerns candidly. The Chamber will be reviewing all input in the coming months with the aim of providing value to our members where it is most needed.

The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce would like to know, how has being a member benefited your business in the last year?

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What could the Chamber do to directly support you in your business? (please elaborate)

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What, if any, Chamber events did you attend last year? What was your impression of the events you attended? How could we do better?

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We would like to work with our members on our initiatives this year. Would you be interested learning more about joining a sub-committee for specific events or projects?

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When you joined the Chamber, how did you anticipate your membership benefiting your business?

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Thank you!  We appreciate you taking a moment to submit your comments.