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Top 25 reasons to join the

Sooke Chamber of Commerce

1. Advocacy: Promoting the contributions and importance of the business sector to our economy. Making views of business known to governments, legislators, the media and the public. Encouraging plans and policies that will enhance the positive growth of business in our communities.

2. Benefits: Your Chamber offers tangible benefits to Members. Click here for details.

3. Business Information Services: Keeping our Members abreast of changes affecting the welfare of their business. Everything from government legislation to demographic trends, from marketing to new opportunities.

4. Credibility: Your business can benefit from the perception among consumers that Chamber Member businesses are trustworthy and reputable. That perception has justifiably been fostered through the Chamber’s referral and information services.

5. Development: Everyone benefits from the Chamber’s efforts in assisting and supporting new business development in our area. Economic and community growth is and will continue to be a priority at the Chamber.

6. Economy: One of the most valuable benefits of Chamber membership is the opportunity to share in the creativity of peers. Whether it is to save money or enhance production or efficiency, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can benefit from experience from Chamber associates.

7. Economic Development: Providing information and assistance to individuals, groups, and businesses considering investment in our communities. Assistance in the distribution of numerous documents designed to assist anyone considering moving or investing in our area.

8. Friendship: Chamber Members are people with similar interests, concerns and needs. They are the kind of people you will enjoy meeting. And, chances are they are the kind of people you would want to establish friendships with.

9. Group Insurance Plans: Making the benefits of dental, drug and disability insurance coverage more affordable through the Chamber’s Group Plans at rates not normally available to small and medium sized businesses.

10. Growth: Your Chamber is like farm soil, fertilized with the participation of members. This soil can produce a rich harvest growth in your company, your employees, your community and yourself.

11. Help: The Chamber’s qualified staff has a wealth of skills and expertise in any way they can. Business issues, marketing, and communication are just a few of the many ways they can help.

12. Information: Your Chamber can furnish you with a host of resources: Labor Market Data, Community Profile, various Community and Specialty Directories, Industry Profiles, and much more; it’s all here for our Members to use.

13. Knowledge: Looking for answers to almost any community or business related concern? There is no agency or organization with a keener awareness of almost every aspect of community life. And, if you need more detailed information, they know how to access the people and places that can provide it.

14. Leadership: The volunteer leadership provided by your Chamber of Commerce can make a big difference when mobilizing plans to chart our communities.

15. Members: Since the Chamber’s existence is made possible by Members, their main priority is in providing services of real value for the Members. In fact, the organization itself is yours; through the committees and its Board of Directors, you have a choice in its operation.

16. Networking: Providing opportunities for our Members to create awareness, to source and stimulate new business through Chamber organized events.

17. Opportunity: Your Chamber makes you aware of new business opportunities, provides access to unique marketing ideas, consumer trends and research. The Chamber network is always on the lookout for ways to influence the success of Members.

18. Profit: You are in business to make a profit. Your ability to generate profit is a paramount concern of the Chamber. Ultimately, all of its programs and activities are geared to help you prosper.

19. Quality: It is a quality conscious age we live in. Your ability to grow is greatly influenced by your ability to establish high standards in quality products and customer service. Your Chamber helps you tap into sources to achieve “quality” goals.

20. Referrals: The Chamber is presented with numerous opportunities to recommend our member’s products and services. We do so confidently and exclusively. We also hear from many consumers who have fared poorly when dealing with less reputable firms. We always remind them to seek out Chamber Members in future transactions.

21. Special Events: Your Chamber hosts a variety of enriching special events throughout the year. As a Member, you are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy these activities with friends and associates.

22. The Consumer-to-Business Link: We provide referrals and recommended sources for products and services to customer on behalf of our member businesses. This can be particularly helpful to new business whose identity is yet to be clearly established in the community.

23. Unity: You never operate as an island in the Chamber. Membership allows you to discuss, share, probe, criticize and speak with a united voice and a high degree of respect and candor on matters of significance.

24. Vision: Chamber members share in the vision that responsible businesses care about building a better community and create opportunities for economic growth.

25. Zest: There is something special about being part of a team, about achieving recognition for superior performance and about being involved in something beyond your personal interests. Your commitment to the Chamber has an impact in colleagues, neighbors, and ultimately your community.

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce

We are also members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, click to see the benefits of membership.


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Frequently Asked

How much does membership cost?

Membership varies by the size of your organization.  A small 1 person business annual membership is $165 or less than $15/month.

Why should I join the Chamber?

There are many benefits to join the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce.  One of the biggest benefits is instant business credibility.  A new venture has many challenges, let’s put this one to rest right now.