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Always Active
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Jenn Sivertson
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No matter your fitness level or ability, Always Active has an activity for you. From Baseball to volleyball to Yoga, from adult to youth to child, and at every level of life, find your perfect opportunity here because we all deserve to feel good in our bodies and have fun doing it.

Founder Jennifer Sivertson believes that everybody deserves to feel good in their body, and have fun doing it. She wants sports and recreation to be accessible for all ages, abilities, and genders. In our small town, there is an opportunity to build community connections and relationships so that everyone feels empowered to be the best version of themselves.

Sports and recreation were always a way for Jennifer to have fun and be motivated to achieve goals through working hard. She has participated in various sports throughout her time, like basketball, volleyball, paddle boarding, hiking, and completed many races, including 10 km, half marathons, sprints, and Olympic distance triathlons. Jennifer has also practiced yoga for almost 20 years. Adult league volleyball was where she met her partner, and now they have three children and live in the charming west coast town of Sooke.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer saw the need for more: more opportunities, more connections, and more activities. She is just getting started. Join her!

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