Why Membership Matters

The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce continues to evolve and strengthen in order to provide necessary leadership, education and advocacy for our business community.

Led by an executive and board of directors, we are diligent in representing the voice of all businesses, large or small, with the intention of strategically creating a vibrant and sustainable economic climate for our community.

Since 1948 our Chamber has grown to have the largest membership per capita of any municipality in British Columbia. The reason for this is clear….we provide tremendous value-added-benefits and return-on-investment for your membership dollar.

Operated as a not-for-profit association, the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce encourages you to consider the many benefits available to our members:

  • Substantial health, dental, medical & insurance coverage at affordable rates
  • Valuable marketing exposure through our website, social media, and e-newsletter
  • Incredible merchant services discounts for fuel, utility, banking & others
  • Accessibility to important business coaching, information & counseling services
  • Participation in business education sessions, networking & social events
  • Opportunity to join Chamber Board of Directors to help provide leadership
  • Having a unified voice to advocate local business issues to government

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your participation.

Please contact the Chamber office at (250)642-6112 or with any questions.


Decals for Sooke Chamber members

Want to announce your membership with the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce on your website? Below are two decals to choose from, stationary or animated. Right click and “Save as” to save on to your computer. You are free to resize these using a free image software program like Paint.

2024 Membership Form

2024 Membership Form

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Frequently Asked

How much does membership cost?

Membership varies by the size of your organization.  A small 1 person business annual membership is $185 or less than $16/month.

Why should I join the Chamber?

There are many benefits to join the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce.  One of the biggest benefits is instant business credibility. The Chamber also passionately champions the interests of its member businesses and organizations across various government levels, dedicated to authentically representing the community it serves. The financial backing from its members plays a pivotal role in sustaining the array of services that directly benefit both the business community and individual members.