September 20, 2022

  • Vote 2022: Mayoral Candidates Conversation; Councillor Candidate Platforms
  • EMCS 6218 Sooke Rd, in-person event (and later available on video)
  • Saturday, October 1, 2022, 2:00pm to 4:00pm (doors open at 1:45)
  • Free, Registration Required (

Sooke, BC: The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the EMCS Society is co-hosting a non-confrontational election “conversation” for mayoral candidates of Sooke and introducing up to 23 candidates for the position of councillor. In this two-hour event, the first hour is given over to the mayoral candidates, who will be asked a series of questions, determined by the Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative (SMBI). The second hour will be dedicated to the councillor candidates, who are all invited to introduce themselves and their campaigns to the viewers.

Given the high number of candidates, this event is intended primarily to serve the voters, providing them with a single forum to meet all (or as many as show up) candidates in a compact period of time. The event will be recorded, so that voters unable to attend will still be able to benefit from the information provided at the event.

Voters will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to all candidates on the following day at a “meet and greet” event hosted by another community group, Transition Sooke, at the Sooke Community Hall (October 2, see

Over the years and for all levels of elections, federal, provincial, and municipal, Sooke Chamber has hosted non-combative election information events. Instigated by a model proposed by SMBI, candidates are asked a pre-determined set of questions, and each is asked specifically to focus on their own response instead of attacking another candidate’s position. Repeatedly, audiences have expressed appreciation for this format, as it allows voters to better determine personal alignment without having to wade through layers of attacks and animosity.

This year, as in years past, the mayoral candidate questions have been prepared by SMBI, a non-denominational group focussed on building a compassionate community in Sooke.

Background: Candidates

Sooke Mayoral Candidates

  1. John Knops
  2. Mick Rhodes
  3. Maja Tait (Incumbent)

Sooke Councillor Candidates

  1. Rob Anderson (Elections for Change slate)
  2. Steve Anderson
  3. Lorien Arnold
  4. Jeff Bateman (Incumbent)
  5. Al Beddows (Incumbent)
  6. Susan Belford
  7. Karine Bordua
  8. Owen H. Brandon
  9. Nick Dickinson-Wilde
  10. Herb Haldane
  11. Robin Holm
  12. Dana Lajeunesse (Incumbent)
  13. Megan McMath (Incumbent)
  14. Sean Millard
  15. Adam Noseworthy (Elections for Change slate)
  16. Trevor Paul
  17. Kevin Pearson
  18. Maria Powers Elections for Change slate
  19. Anna Russell
  20. Britt Santowski
  21. Tony St-Pierre (Incumbent)
  22. Jeff Stewart
  23. Stephanie Welters