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For the second year, the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce is doing a Shopping in Sooke survey. Answer 12 short questions, and you could be entered to win $200 to help you shop in Sooke! The information gathered will be shared with local business owners and politicians, so that we can promote and grow the local economy in Sooke. Last year’s survey results are available here.

In answering the survey, you help your Chamber keep its finger on the pulse of what it is that the residents of Sooke want from our businesses. This is one of the many functions we serve in the community. Chambers of commerce and boards of trade play important roles in supporting our communities, businesses, and citizens. The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce is an integral part of the fabric of this community and we are proud of the work we do. Some of the things we do for Sooke include the following:

  • We bring people together to generate solutions to the challenges we face. And we develop innovative programs and events (like the Newcomers Club) to support our community.
  • Using information gathered from surveys like this one, we advocate for government policies that promote an inclusive and competitive business environment, we also discuss and advocate for social issues like housing, health care, education, mental health and addictions – these are important issues to our members and we champion solutions.
  • We also play a role in organizing and participating in charitable initiatives that assist those in our communities who need a helping hand, so that we contribute to the social well-being of our community.
  • As a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, we have a connection to nearly 100 other chambers of commerce and boards of trade that make up a strong network across B.C. Together, we represent more than 36,000 businesses of every size and from every region of the province. We are proud to be part of an established and powerful voice.
  • The Sooke Chamber is also a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, so we make sure Sooke interests are represented and heard everywhere.
  • We live, work and play in Sooke. And as we celebrate B.C. Chamber of Commerce Week, it’s important to remember the critical role our chamber of commerce plays in our community.

Coincidently, it just so happens to be “Chamber Week,” which runs from Feb 13 – 17. Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, has released the following statement on Chamber of Commerce Week:

“British Columbia’s business owners have stood up to immense challenges over the past few years, from the impacts of the pandemic and labour shortages, to global inflation and supply-chain disruptions.

“The 125 chambers of commerce throughout B.C. are relied on more than ever as they support boards of trade alongside 36,000 businesses of every size, sector and region in our province. They are rising to the challenge to ensure strong, resilient businesses and communities.

“The pandemic has taught us we can’t afford to go it alone, and that together we can accomplish great things. As a former business owner, I fully appreciate the importance and strong support of chambers of commerce when it comes to growing a business, creating networks and creating jobs for British Columbians.

“As the new Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, I have had extremely productive conversations with chambers and business communities. I’m looking forward to connecting with even more of them very soon to continue to support the work they do as we deliver on the goals of our StrongerBC Economic Plan.

“This week, our government is proud to proclaim Chamber of Commerce Week to recognize the leadership and impact that chambers have shown by supporting businesses in communities throughout British Columbia to help us build a clean and inclusive economy.

“In the past few years, the Province has provided more than half a billion dollars in grants for tens of thousands of business owners, lowered taxes and brought in new supports that reduce costs for businesses, like allowing restaurants to purchase liquor at wholesale prices. We have also made major strides with skills training, while taking steps to help more people enter the workforce, including investing access to more affordable child care. Those are just some of the ways we are helping B.C. businesses, and we will continue be there to support them no matter what comes our way.

“This week, I encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the dedication of B.C.’s chambers of commerce. The investments that chambers make in business communities stimulate our economy, contribute to vibrant communities, making British Columbia one of the best places in the country to live.”

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