Sooke, BC – June 16, 2023

The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce and the WestShore Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative, joined forces to cohost an essential byelection information session today. The event aimed to provide an opportunity for the community to engage with the candidates and gain insights into their positions on critical issues.

The session featured the following candidates:

  • Camille Currie (Green Party)
  • Mike Harris (BC Conservatives)
  • Michael Lee representing Elena Lawson (BC United)
  • Ravi Parmar (BC NDP)
  • Stasi Eriksson representing Tyson Riel Strandlund (Communist Party of Canada)

During the session, each candidate had two minutes to present their opening statements. Subsequently, they were given two minutes to respond to four questions encompassing various key topics:

  1. Business: Candidates were asked how they plan to support businesses in their recovery from the pandemic, while addressing increased costs resulting from inflation, minimum wage adjustments, and employer-paid sick leave.
  2. Affordability: The candidates shared their perspectives on the programs they would support to alleviate the affordability challenge faced by many residents in the region.
  3. Climate Crisis: Each candidate presented proposals to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis in the riding, focusing on reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change.
  4. Cooperation with Local Governments: Candidates discussed their plans for contributing to the financial sustainability of local governments, addressing critical matters such as public safety, infrastructure development, and reconciliation.

The session concluded with each candidate delivering a two-minute closing statement.

The video recording of the entire event is now available for viewing online at We encourage all community members to watch the session at their convenience and familiarize themselves with the candidates’ perspectives on these crucial issues.

For further information or any press inquiries, please contact Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce 250-642-6112

About Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce: The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the local business community in the Sooke region. They provide advocacy, networking, and educational opportunities to promote economic growth and prosperity.

About WestShore Chamber of Commerce: The WestShore Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of the business community in the WestShore region. Through collaboration, networking, and advocacy, they strive to create a vibrant and prosperous business environment.

About Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative: The Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative is a community-driven organization that fosters mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation among different faith and belief communities in Sooke. They work towards creating a more inclusive and harmonious community for all residents.