The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce recently surveyed both businesses and customers on their opinions of the incoming Vaccine Passport which begins on September 13 by a provincial government order.

In general, business owners were more likely to oppose passports (56%). Of those who supported it, more preferred a government mandate (42%) over a voluntary one (37%).

Customers had a different view, with 63% in support of the passport and 34% opposed. Those who supported it were almost all vaccinated (98%), and indicated that they would prefer a mandated vaccine passport over an economic shutdown. Of those opposed, 47% had one or two shots of immunization, and 95% indicated that they would prefer risking an economic shutdown over a mandated vaccination passport program.

The full report is available online here.

The Sooke Chamber would like to remind everyone that this is a government-mandated policy. We are working with other BC Chambers to reduce the burden of implementation carried by businesses and frontline staff. As always, we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get it.

It is expected that the province will be releasing more details on how the vaccine passport will work later today (Sept 7, 2021). We will give you those updates once we have them.

Click to read the full report.