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Mint Mantis Inc
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There are 2.2 million artists in North America, yet 75% earn $10k or less from their artwork. This disparity isn’t due to a lack of creativity but often a gap in understanding technology, finance, marketing, and maintaining discipline in business operations. With a decade of experience in the finance sector, Ari saw this disconnect firsthand. Identifying the unique challenges artists face, Ari founded Mint Mantis.  A sanctuary 
where artists don’t just hone their craft but also master the business behind their artwork. 
We simplify this journey into three pivotal steps: Define Your Vision, Find Your Audience, and Scale with Tech and Finance!

Our flagship program, Financial Intelligence 2.0, encapsulates this journey. In just 90 days, we equip artists with the skills to think like an investors, understand their unique brand, 
and forge a business trajectory that mirrors their artistic vision. In a world vying for customer attention, Mint Mantis ensures you’re not just another artist but a distinctive brand. Remember, your art isn’t just a hobby, it’s a thriving business.



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